books + agate.

28 Jun

two of our favorite things:

from the new curated flash-sale site OpenSky, these pretty one-of-a-kind agate bookends are only $38!  because our books need jewelry, too.


Goran Kling

21 Jun

we’re really digging Goran Kling’s dope watch/bracelet combos.

via fuggiamo via cool hunting

aren’t you?

Delfina Delettrez

31 May

why why why did I not know that Opening Ceremony carries Delfina Delettrez?  She’s one of the most brilliant jewelry designers out there right now.

Digby & Iona.

20 May

if The Decemberists made a foray into jewelry design, it would look much like Digby & Iona.  I mean, with collections like “Wanderer in a Sea of Fog: Vol. 3”, it’s a wonder there hasn’t already been some sort of collab.

I’m pretty obsessed with their whole One of One collection, especially this anchor medallion:

because you know I heart the sailors.  and because, well, I love this.

Brune & Woehlke

17 May

Brune  & Woehlke ring via Fuggiamo

it’s a shame kinky jewelry is oft under-appreciated.

Luv AJ 2

16 May

we love to get mail here at Y LA REV, particularly when it’s a lookbook from a talented designer and we want EVERY PIECE IN IT.

LUV AJ occupies a Los Angeles that exists only in our dreams: sun-kissed, mid-century, canyon living.  you’ve heard us share our love for her before, because she’s dope, and the jewelry is dope.   from her latest lookbook:

chain chain chain, druze and arrowheads, spikes, fringe…what more could a girl want?

oh, wait.  body chain.  that’s what.

so much LUV.

Happy Friday XIII.

13 May

Tilda Swinton for Pomellato.  could a more perfect marriage exist?