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10 Feb

don’t worry, your favorite jewelry blog isn’t going anywhere.  but til we roll out some new stuff for ya, be sure to follow J at fuggiamo.  we’ll be back soon! xx

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Etsy Roundup: See Green

30 Apr

via See Green

just found the earrings I’ll be wearing this summer.   damn, they would’ve been perfect for Coachella….had I gone.


17 Jan

I’m really digging the idea of coordinating your nail and ring color.

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new Becca Straus.

29 Nov

now that our summer uniform is but a vague memory, we wanted to check in with our friend Becca Straus to see what new exciting pretty she has for us in the cold weather season.


Becca and I met up at the Harvard Club the other evening, and before my Campari-soda had even arrived, she pulled these fabulous pieces out of her bag.

all of Becca’s stones are cut by hand.  pretty exquisite.


we’re a little obsessed with rutilated quartz.  I want this pendant to come home with me.



Inside our refrigerators!

22 Aug

I’ve always been slightly obsessed by the “peek inside” school of journalism…the back page of magazines that shows celebrities’ handbags, contents strewn and identified; obviously The Selby; and now, the viral DailyCandy refrigerator shots.

so some of our own:

east coast headquarters: about nine bottles of wine, two different kinds of brown rice, a bottle of GT’s kombucha (crap, missed the memo on that recall!  but apparently only because it maybe has alcohol?  no harm/no foul), tofu, BUTTER, two containers of cottage cheese, feta, hot sauce, horseradish, Trader Joe’s all-natural peanut butter.  and for the record, no, I’m not really a vegetarian.  I just like cottage cheese.

to stave off imminent hunger, a visit to the revolucionary parents in the suburbs:

sweet manna from heaven, leftovers!  spaghetti with clam sauce, grilled eggplant pizza, strawberry shortcake, tapenade, a steak waiting to be cooked, orange juice, pasta sauce, milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, oh my!  and proving that genetics is indeed a science, please note the cottage cheese.  this refrigerator doesn’t eff around.  way to be, revolucionary parents!


30 Jun

welcome to the new and improved y la rev blog!  thanks so much for checking in on us, and don’t forget you can follow us through a subscription (on the lower right hand side), bloglovin, and/or twitter.  we’re working on exciting projects so stay tuned!

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ps – this post is not endorsed by Claudia Schiffer.  we simply love masks.  and you have to admit, this image of a pregnant, masked Claudia Schiffer is pretty spectacular.