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Love from SENA!

22 Apr

on a recent rainy evening, SENA and I hit up Catbird in W’burg before I headed out to the Best First Date Ever at Berry Park.

and I made it on her blog!  I am my own amigo!

meanwhile, I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to wear my new dress



25 Jan

8:09pm, Fraiche

one of our goals (besides remembering to blog) is to share more of our favorite jewelry pieces.  our dinner date in Santa Monica provided the perfect opportunity.  I arrived wearing shorts, and S arrived rocking some serious gold jewelry.  it’s refreshing to know that after 5 years, some things never change…good times, good peeps, good drinks, good jewelry.

stacked vintage Roberto Coin bracelets


I swiped this look from Sena.

12 Oct

1128p, Williamsburg.

joomi lim jewelry + vintage chanel pearls restrung + knit turban = luxe glamour

you remember Sena.  all this is hers.  she even designed my t-shirt.

my rings

8 Oct

Christmas came early this year, and I got my grubby lil hands on the H. Stern stars ring (as previously seen on Y LA REV bestie, Lisa).  score!  the second one is on loan from my sister (or so she thinks!).  wearing all 4 of these rings together may be a tad bit tacky but I’m taking full advantage.


hola high heels

1 Sep

I suppose my obsessions with spikes, chain, and dramatic flair extend beyond my jewelry collection…