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random July

10 Jul

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Happy Friday XIII.

13 May

Tilda Swinton for Pomellato.  could a more perfect marriage exist?


11 May

damn, I need to step up my game.  these homeboys are really bringing it.

Chanel show via Fashionista

 dapper young gentleman via Streetfsn

most brilliant DIY everrrrrr…

14 Feb

satiating our penchant for form and function.

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Francoise Hardy.

11 Feb

don’t ever think that knowing a lot about obscure French 1960s films ruins your game.  because that is false.


good things may happen.  you meet a man in a bar and you begin talking about Francoise Hardy and then you’re making plans to run away to Cyprus together.  as an example.


and if not, at least you’ve learned a thing or two about style.  and eye makeup.

who’s that girl?

9 Feb

dios mios, I’m obsessed with this woman.  black lace, red lips, platform pumps, a blinged out skull bag AND a yellow gold skull belt??  she’s managed to include all of my favorite things in one perfect outfit.  I’m on a mission now to replicate it in its entirety.

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Michele Lamy revisited

20 Nov

bad bloggers that we are, we nearly missed this Vogue Paris editorial on Michele.  thank heavens we didn’t.

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