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Dear Lover: Fendi.

28 Apr

Dear Lover,

you know I’m only loyal to you.  but I’ve always had this little itty bitty thing for Fendi.

and I think this bracelet is the only way to solve it.

ciao, caro.




Dear Lover: why knot?

30 Mar

Dear Lover,


I know you want to tie me down.  Let me tell you how I want you to do it.

1. take this Roberto Coin black sapphire ring

2. put it on my pretty little finger, as shown below


3. do whatever you want with me




Satomi Kawakita

27 Oct

dear Lover,

either version of this delicate diamond ring by Satomi Kawakita would make a beautiful engagement or promise ring, don’t you think?

via Satomi Kawakita


thank you

1 Sep

dear Lover,

thank you for the trip to San Luis Obispo, the stay at the Madonna Inn, and my jewelry box with goodies.  I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.


Wexford Jewelers.

9 Aug

Dear Lover,

It’s over.  If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it.

And it would have looked something like this:

tourmaline crystal, uncut, set in 18k gold with diamonds.

Or this:

opal with 14k rose gold and diamonds

You’ll be remembering my fingers for a long time.



bday jewelry wishlist

3 Aug

Dear Lover,

my birthday is fast approaching.  in nearly a month, I’ll be one year older.  let’s celebrate with drinks and jewelry:

via Litter SF (my love for this line fails to fade….see here).

via Pade Vavra (yet another undying love….see here)

do me right.  love and bejewel me.


a new watch

17 Jul

dear Lover,

you stole my heart, and now you’ve stolen my beloved, handsome Baume & Mercier watch.  it’s alright though, I forgive you.  I can’t deny it looks better on you.  the combination of rose gold and black leather on your skin is…titillating.

besides, I know you’re just waiting for the right time to surprise me with the Day-Date Rolex in everose gold.

via Rolex

you’re the best.