Paul Bond boots.

27 Feb

when I visited Nogales, Arizona (the distinction is always made; across a giant fence is Nogales, Sonora) I had the great privilege to go to the legendary Paul Bond Boot Company.

retail shop and workshop, the Paul Bond store in Nogales is akin to the Ferragamo factory in Florence.  Paul Bond makes custom cowboy boots and keeps detailed measurements on file for all his customers (see file boxes in background of photo above).


the space, a lofty, barn-like structure on the top of a hill overlooking town (and guarded outside by a white horse, Mr. Bond’s symbol), is full of boots–I spent at least half an hour just browsing.  luckily, there’s a soda machine to provide a little caloric sustenance:

as luck would have it, Mr. Bond himself, a celebrated rodeo rider, was in the house and actually supervised my measurement session.  a spry 90-something years young, Paul Bond can size you up and pull a Cinderella pair of boots off the shelf.  the man is a legend.


I have to order my custom boots this week…all Paul Bond boots are handmade in Nogales, and range from simple roping boots to intricate inlay designs like these incredible Day of the Dead boots:

I think I’m in love.


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