back to Barcelona (part two).

17 Feb

previously, on Y LA REV, we re-visited one of my favorite cities, and now we’re back with a few more travel notes.


this past trip I spent a lot of time in Sarria, where I discovered the best cafe con leche (or, as they say in Catalan, cafe amb llet) at Doctor Coffee.  I was addicted, and by the end of my trip I knew the baristas by name.

I love places that actually care about style.


had dinner one night in an amazing Italian restaurant near the Palau Musica…it’s already hard enough to get a table there so I won’t divulge the name, but it was good (who knew, Italian food in Spain?) and inexpensive and, again, really well-decorated.

rustic.  loves it.


I’m not going to lie, a lot of my vacationing revolves around dining out.  my last night was a Michelada-fueled romp through some delightful Mexican food (again with the foreign places!) in Gracia.

under the watchful eye(brow) of Frida Kahlo.


another true confession: I love watching music videos.  especially with dudes like this:

I have a type.  and it’s a silver fox in a tuxedo deshabille.  there’s probably a bottle of champers somewhere, too.


adios, guapos!


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