Francoise Hardy.

11 Feb

don’t ever think that knowing a lot about obscure French 1960s films ruins your game.  because that is false.


good things may happen.  you meet a man in a bar and you begin talking about Francoise Hardy and then you’re making plans to run away to Cyprus together.  as an example.


and if not, at least you’ve learned a thing or two about style.  and eye makeup.


One Response to “Francoise Hardy.”

  1. John Stapleton January 2, 2012 at 10:59 AM #

    For any women reading this take note of the line, ‘you may meet a man in a bar . . .’ and also take note of the black leather motorcycle jacket Francoise Hardy is wearing in the picture at the top. Now instead of spending a fortune on shoes and maxing out your credit card in the process, and having to replace the new shoes three months after you’ve bought them, a leather jacket like the one she’s wearing would cost you about 100 bucks and you’d have it for about 30 years or more , and it would be guaranteed to make that Robert Pattinson or Brad Pitt or George Clooney doppelgangeer look twice. And you don’t even need a motorbike.

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