back to Barcelona (part one).

7 Feb

I love Barcelona.  and I love having an excuse to go visit (in the form of two smart friends studying there, hola Zan & Mummsy!).  last year I posted a couple photos from my first trip, and this time I checked out some old favorites and discovered new haunts.

one of my favorite places to go in Barcelona is MACBA, the contemporary art museum, and prowling the neighborhood after my visit I came across this fellow:

a giant cat, stalking the streets of El Raval.


the neighborhood is also a great place to get a haircut:

if you want to look like those guys.


I’ve always admired street style in Barcelona, because it seems at the same time colorful and intellectual.  then I came across Da Hustle…



and as per usual, I’m always on the lookout for a Chinese restaurant.

didn’t get a chance to try the food, though.


Barcelona, a city of grand diversity: felines of extraordinary size, awesomely bad hairstyles, clothes with cred, and Sichuan specialties.  more to come!


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