shopping ASOS.

28 Dec

one of the best new e-retail outlets I’ve discovered (thanks to the suggestions to the Y LA REV boutique on is ASOS, a British shop that’s recently opened stateside.

their selection is comprehensive to the point of being overwhelming, but I kind of like it.  I mean, we all know my yen for anything involving sailors:

this pendant is $14.  ASOS brand.

in addition to their private-label baubles, ASOS has a dizzying selection of other fashion jewelry designers: Kitson, House of Harlow 1960, Dogeared, Swarovski, Mawi, Kenny Jay Lane, Bing Bang, and even Juicy Couture and Disney Couture (I swear, I’m going to design something awful and call it “Revolucion Couture”).

one legitimately excellent find: these vintage Givenchy rose earrings.


ASOS buys heavily into trends, so at a glance you can tell what they believe in.  at the moment, it’s bows, keys, wings, leaves, owls, hearts, roses, and anchors.

I’ve always thought that the Brits were ahead of us in fashion jewelry…I mean, all those Accessorize stores in Heathrow…and I think ASOS is at least one way we can stay on trend here in the states.  lots of love England xx.

(I get it.  I’m a sucker for the union jack.  thanks, Cath Kidston.)


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