Etsy Roundup: Masks.

14 Dec

in a few short weeks I’m having a most excellent birthday party…not to divulge too many details but it will involve MASKS (if you’ve seen my posts on masks, Mardi Gras and Venice this will come as no surprise).  and as the birthday girl, I’m looking for the perfect one.


etsy to the rescue!


first up, from a Russian vendor called PARTYMASK, a lacy confection both simple and sexy:


Totus Mel Tats works in tatting, a crochet-like art form.  which means this mask is probably comfortable:


this mask by Pilgrimage is leather and hand-painted:


TomBanwell’s designs, also in leather, are breathtaking:


some things I learned from this etsy roundup:

1. more people wear masks than I realized.

2. some people think they are fairies (or “fey people”).

3. there is a phenomenon called “steampunk” and until now I was unaware of it.

4. if you search for “masks” on etsy you will find a lot of things you never thought you’d see on etsy (I’m talking about handmade dominatrix-wear).


so, gentle readers.  help me in my quest.  vote (in comments) for your favorite of these masks so I can decide what to wear!


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