Inside our refrigerators!

22 Aug

I’ve always been slightly obsessed by the “peek inside” school of journalism…the back page of magazines that shows celebrities’ handbags, contents strewn and identified; obviously The Selby; and now, the viral DailyCandy refrigerator shots.

so some of our own:

east coast headquarters: about nine bottles of wine, two different kinds of brown rice, a bottle of GT’s kombucha (crap, missed the memo on that recall!  but apparently only because it maybe has alcohol?  no harm/no foul), tofu, BUTTER, two containers of cottage cheese, feta, hot sauce, horseradish, Trader Joe’s all-natural peanut butter.  and for the record, no, I’m not really a vegetarian.  I just like cottage cheese.

to stave off imminent hunger, a visit to the revolucionary parents in the suburbs:

sweet manna from heaven, leftovers!  spaghetti with clam sauce, grilled eggplant pizza, strawberry shortcake, tapenade, a steak waiting to be cooked, orange juice, pasta sauce, milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, oh my!  and proving that genetics is indeed a science, please note the cottage cheese.  this refrigerator doesn’t eff around.  way to be, revolucionary parents!


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