Monogram it.

13 Aug

As you are likely aware, I grew up on the East Coast.  For some unknown reason, we have this tradition of marking our possessions with our initials.  Maybe it imparts meaning.  I think it just keeps those other Choate bitches from stealing your Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co necklace when you’re 15, and keeps your obnoxious neighbors on Revolutionary Road from jacking the Christofle when you’re 45.  But I kind of like monograms, regardless—you can take the girl out of Connecticut, but you can’t take Connecticut out of the girl.

I bought myself this BittersweetsNY ring (14k rose gold) and wear it every day…in case I get lost, I guess.

My first boyfriend gave me a silver cuff for my birthday one year, with my name engraved on the outside and his initials on the inside.  He’s gay now, but I swear it brings me good luck.

Not exactly jewelry, but I’ve been using this key ring (sweet 16 gift from Tiffany & Co; too bad they don’t make it any more) for so long the engraving is actually getting worn away.  It was really awesome for the keys to my Saab.

I like the idea of this necklace…kind of pretty, kind of ghetto, all wrapped up in one convenient 14k gold package.


Chic people have so many important and chic things to remember that sometimes it helps to have a visual representation of one’s own identity.  The monogrammed Goyard, once only the province of well-heeled upper-east-siders and Barneys employees is now ubiquitous.

And finally, Napoleon’s signet ring.  You know you’ve reached the top when you only need one initial.  An empire don’t come for free.


2 Responses to “Monogram it.”


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