Etsy Roundup: Pendants.

5 Aug

our Etsy correspondents are at it again, this time finding some fresh pendant love for the dog days of summer.

first up, Shannon Amidon’s blue kyanite bullet pendant.

must I note how I love the photography?  jewelry + text = dreamy.  also exciting: recycling bullets, and using kyanite (I mean, go to gem school, people).

we have a penchant for lockets here at Y LA REV, so this next little number really tickled our fancies:

from verabel, the “tiniest peacock-feather locket“.  measuring a whopping 1/2-inch, this locket is actually functional!  I have no idea what you could put inside something so tiny, but we’ve never shied away from preciousness.

and speaking of precious, how about this deconstructed little bit of a pendant:

instead of a ship in a bottle (don’t get me started, one of my favorite things ever), anotherfeather collects parts and pieces of old watches and puts them in a bottle, which then gets hung on a long chain or cord.  because telling time doesn’t really matter anyway.


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