friendship bracelets by Bhalo

14 Jul

while watching the World Cup finals on Sunday, I could not stop staring at the twisted friendship bracelet worn by the teenager next to me.  I just had to ask her about it, and she was kind enough to also show me the multiple versions covering the arms and ankles of her sister.  SO cool!

if you don’t want to spend your summer making bracelets like my new young friends, check out this “BIG friendship band” by Bhalo (found via Rackk and Ruin):

and for those who want to show more lovin’ for their besties, peep the “Mega friendship” style:

images via Bhalo

seriously though, what could possibly make either one any more awesome?  the fact that everything from Bhalo is handmade by disadvantaged women in Bangladesh to help them provide for themselves.  so please be sure to browse the site for more colorful, graphic accessories and clothing.


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