wedding style (part 1).

9 Jun

my brother is getting married in a few weeks, and in honor of his lovely fiancee (my lovely future sister-in-law), I’ve got some ideas about jewelry for the big event.

via Priscilla of Boston 

her dress is Melissa Sweet, similar to the one above.

since she’s not wearing a birdcage veil, I think a pair of big earrings will be beautiful:


these Laurent Gandini earrings are particularly fitting because a) the subtle “M” in the center is her new monogram and b) the rose gold will complement her skin tone and her engagement ring.

she isn’t going to wear a necklace so as not to detract from the neckline of the dress, so a fabulous statement bracelet (like this one from Temple St. Clair) is clearly in order:

via Temple St. Clair

not only are the sapphires “something blue”, but the combination with the green sapphires echoes the color scheme for the wedding.

the romanticism of the earrings picks up the lace of her dress, while the classicism of the bracelet keeps it from becoming too precious.


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